I am from a small town called Ballyclare in Northern Ireland. I decided to become a Personal Trainer as I saw a way of helping others through what was already an interest of mine and what has now become my great passion. I want to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle and I thrive on helping others in the gym in order to help them feel as confident as possible.

For some people stepping into a gym can be a daunting experience and I want to be able to help give you the confidence and knowledge to achieve your goals.

A healthy body gives a healthy mind. I provide programmes for your own specific goals whether it be weight loss, lean muscle building, cardiovascular fitness, general well being or for special events such as marathons, weddings etc while keeping the programmes varied and challenging.

I am constantly trying to improve my training methods by keeping in touch with the latest research to keep me up to date so I can provide you with the best standard of service possible.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish"