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My thoughts on the second lockdown!!

Before I start here and share my thoughts about this second lockdown. why do folks just not listen and wear a mask I mean it isn’t hard to wear one!! NOW… I feel much better letting that go on here..😆

Many of you know I work in my own studio but I believe many gyms out there are doing very well following the government guidelines but now all gyms out there need to suffer and close. Ok I’m not a medical scientist and all that but f**k me why can folks not just listen and keep social distance and wear a mask.

My statement here is that I believe that gyms should be allowed to stay open to allow individual training. Closing the gyms isn’t good, especially for your physical and mental health which is so important especially at the minute. We are a lifeline for so many people who rely on being able to exercise to help with their mental health.

I honestly think Nicola Sturgeon is doing a great job compared to other UK governments, but I believe what she’s doing is wrong and has made the wrong decision closing all gyms!!

Gyms should be classed as essential during the pandemic, many of my clients work for the NHS. Being able to exercise helps their mental health, it's not just about physical health, we are really relieving pressure on the NHS working 12hrs shifts and it isn’t nice for them having gyms taken away from them.

What’s going to happen next? Make up tier 5 and close all supermarkets!!!

Or even better!!

Tier 6 not aloud to look out your house windows!!!

But heyyyyy what do I know 😂

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