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Did Lockdown change peoples lifestyle?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

So today I was out for my usual daily run. I run the same route every day however today I noticed something different.

Since the Government imposed the lockdown on 23rd March during my daily run I would see so many others out running and enjoying the fresh air and beautiful countryside we have on our doorstep.

However today I realised after I finished my run that I did not see one single other person out running and I thought to myself, where have all these people gone? Have they given up? Or is it just that they have gone back to work?

I really hope it’s the latter and everyone is still staying active now that things are slowly getting back to a new normal. It would be such a waste if everyone threw away new healthy habits created during lockdown.

I guess the new normal life for everyone isn't going to be easy. That's because we have gotten used to living the old life we had before. This is going to be the new life for everyone and it will take sometime to get used to.

Will there be a vaccine this year? I personally don't see it!!

Jason Shek PT

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